​We bring together values-driven investors with mission-driven entrepreneurs in the food space to fund sustainable & reasonable growth.

Mission & Vision

AFI’s Mission is the increase the supply of good, clean, fair food and the supply of individual impact investor opportunities by sourcing, creating, and investing in local sustainable food companies.

We do this to enable Central Texas’ triple-bottom-line (planet, people, profit) entrepreneurs to create living wage jobs for respected workers;  good, clean, & fair food within a robust regional food system; and progress toward stable climate, healthy soil, and humanely treated animals.

Our Vision is to…

  • expand to other foodshed communities, creating a nationwide syndicate of locally-focused entrepreneur & investor support organizations for the purpose of collaboration, peer-support, and deal-flow sharing;
  • extend investment opportunities to retail (i.e. non-accredited) investors;
  • add incremental industry sector lenses such as energy, housing, or healthcare.


Invest in Good, Clean, & Fair

​Just as we make conscious decisions as consumers to support green, organic, and local vendors, so we can make similar decisions as investors.

Good products are healthy, nutritious, safe, and tasty.

Clean products are organic, without GMOs  and single-use seeds or pesticides, herbicides,  chemical fertilizers, or monoculture crops.  They are shipped as little as possible, and produced in ways that are beneficial to the land and environment.  

Fair products respect the dignity and economic well-being of workers and other stakeholders throughout the supply chain.
Finance Prudent Growth

​Traditional Angel Networks target only those firms with exceptionally fast growth projections and the expectation of very  high investor-return exits, requiring high-risk “home run” strategies and resulting in very few winners and lots of losers.  Combined with complex financing structures and documents, we call this “fast money”.  

We celebrate local food sector firms needing capital to  finance  prudent growth, using long-term sensible strategies, leading to  cash-positive businesses  that may not “scale” financially or seek exit but do provide good, clean, fair products, jobs, and care of the commons while  allowing distributions to investors  at fair yields.Seek Real Human Connection

​Too much of our financial lives are disconnected from our personal experience; we have no way to appreciate how, for example the ETFs of foreign futures derivatives our financial advisors trade online impact the real life people ultimately producing or consuming the products on which they are based.

 We want  human connection and personal relationship  with our neighbors the farmer or entrepreneur.  Investing isn’t “just business”, it is personal, and we want it to be that way.
Create Transformative Personal Experiences

​While access to capital is a challenge for most start-up and small firms, it is very difficult for the firms we target.  As such, we provide valuable assistance to the entrepreneurs, a untapped source of deal flow to investors, and little or no overlap or competition with existing Angel Networks.

Our goal is to  create  transformative personal experiences  for the entrepreneurs and investors with whom we engage.Give Honest, Respectful, and Rapid Feedback

Food entrepreneurs can be at many stages of maturity and “fundability“.

We will strive to invest in, and/or mentor, and/or refer, and/or provide  honest, respectful, and rapid feedback to all serious applicantEnjoy & Value Innovation

​We enjoy and value innovation  in methods and technologies for pairing entrepreneurs and investors such as crowdfunding, in financing vehicles, in private company secondary markets, and in the opportunity for citizen consumers (nonaccrediteds) to become citizen investors via the regulatory changes of the Jobs Act of 2012.
Create Change by Action

​Our focus is on creating change by action – the action of investing.  We are not an advocacy organization, or an educational one, but we realize the concepts of Slow Food, and Slow Money, are new and potentially beneficial to many, so  we will seize opportunities to communicate  how small scale local food investing can help entrepreneurs, investors, consumers, workers, regional economic development, and the earth.