Small Batch Capital means Personal Attention

AFI invests in sustainable food companies in Central Texas.

We help entrepreneurs pursuing the triple-bottom-line of Planet, People, & Profits to understand the fundraising process, prepare to effectively meet & pitch to funders, get funded, and operate successfully.

Our tagline is “small batch capital”.  Like artisanal food, we take pride in crafting each deal with care.  That means personal attention to you:  serious listening to understand your business and your goals; in-depth gap analysis & expert assistance to prepare for successful fundraising; a fundraising strategy that blends capital from various sources to optimize your freedom, optionality, and cost of capital; and introductions to both outside capital providers and our network of values-based impact investors.

The AFI Way

We think about business, and about fundraising, a little differently. Visit The AFI Way to learn about our take on the purpose of business, what “impact”, and “impact investing” means, how to fund a business without super-fast growth or a unicorn exit, how “milestone-based funding” increases the chance of success, how combining various types and sources of funding into a “custom capital stack” creates optionality, and how neighbors funding neighbors builds community.There are lots of places to turn for help raising capital.  Visit “How is AFI Different” to learn how we approach things vs. banks, traditional angel networks, incubators, and a variety of other players.  Spoiler alert: we start with the mission to increase the supply of good clean fair food for Central Texas…